cats make even the toughest guys go “awww”


JP: Do you have anything to say to your fans today?
IdrA: I’d love to thank all the real ones. They are the reason I’m still doing this. When I tweeted, um, about a day after the announcement I tweeted like “Thank you all for your support. I’m not leaving E-Sports.” and the reply, like the feedback of the community was just overwhelmingly positive. […] My fanclub always has been amazing and I appreciate them so much. […] Generally it was just kind and supportive which shocked me because I have a very, very vocal anti-fanbase. The people who don’t like me are very passionate about not liking me and that’s generally what I hear. They are the loud ones. That the people who are actually fans.. I was honestly shocked to see how much positive support came out when I made that tweet and when I discussed other things I was going to be doing, um, and so I just didn’t appreciate them enough or even realize that they exist to that extent that they do or at least forgot about that they exist. So I’d like to give a very big.. just a very big thank you to all of them because they definitely made sure that it was the right decision to stay within E-Sports


Idra is streaming again! Tune in!

He is not retiring. Let’s all continue to support him and wish him good luck on his future carerr!

So guys… what do you think about what happened yesterday?

"I’m hoping to god we haven’t seen the last of him […] because when that guy wins… I’ve been in the audience when he’s beating Bomber on stage, I’ve seen him overcome a best of seven extended series with Boxer and I know how fired up people get about his gameplay more so than a lot of others and I wish that someday we get to see that again, because I know that he cares, I know that he loves it." by InControl, May 09 2013
at PAX East 2013
"So I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. #ValentinesDinner cc:” QuantumPope
HuK & IdrA